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Update for COVID-19 Virus

A Letter From Dr. Raio

Your safety and health has always been our priority. At Raio Dental of course we focus on the latest and greatest technology and procedures, but what you don’t see is the far less glamorous safety and infection protocols we implement to keep you and our team safe. This includes regular training and emergency medical drills and having all of the best Infection Control Practices.

I have always valued the trust you show in my office and want to reassure all of our patients that Raio Dental complies and often exceeds the sterilization guidelines from the American Dental Association. With Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) hitting our world both globally and locally I wanted to share some of our protocols with you that we use regardless what season it is and what new bacteria or virus has become an issue to our human race.

— Our office uses state of the art, hospital grade autoclaving procedures and machines. The instruments that can withstand extreme heat and pressure all go through this process. These machines kill all forms of bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. If an item cannot withstand this type of extreme heat and pressure we will only use a disposable form of this item.

— Before these instruments go through the sterilization machines they are first washed and sanitized by hand, then place in an “instrument washer” for 25 minutes. Only then are these instruments ready for the sterilization machine.

–Our dental handpieces (drills) are also first washed by hand, lubricated and flushed out and then placed into the sterilization machine.

— The sterilization procedure is verified by a sterilization integrator in addition to weekly “spore” testing by a third party testing lab.

— Our treatment rooms are sanitized after each and every patient regardless of the procedure or how long the patient has been in the chair. Before you enter our treatment rooms all surfaces, including the dental chair, dental light, drawers, handles, x-ray units, computer and mouse, and all countertops have been cleaned and decontaminated and fresh new disposable barriers placed.

—- Our entire team washes their hands and uses hand sanitizer between each and every patient. Gloves are disposed of and fresh gloves are always used.

— All public spaces, including the bathroom and waiting area are cleaned on a daily basis

— During this time all patients will be screened for symptoms related to COVID-19 by phone. All patients will wait in their car when they arrive at the office and txt our front desk to let them know you have arrived. Front desk staff will txt you back when it is your turn to enter, a staff member will then open the door for you. We will have a form for you to sign saying that you aren’t having any symptoms at this time. We will take your temperature and then escort you to your treatment room.

Staying informed and increasing our knowledge of the current situation is the best defense against the spread of this virus. The more we all know the more we can make better decisions about our healthcare. I hope you have found this letter both informational and comforting. As always our goal is to deliver to you the best possible care in the safest most sterile environment.

Stay Safe and Healthy

Dr. Dean Raio, DDS