DNA Home Care Instructions

  1. Keep your appliance in your case and in a safe place at all times when its not in your mouth.
  2. Clean the appliance with a toothbrush and toothpaste. You may clean your appliance with retainer cleaner before and after use also.
  3. If you are sick, and need to clean your appliance extra well, to make sure you dont get sick again- you can soak your appliance in an antibacterial mouthwash to kill all the germs!
  4. Keep away from pets and children. Saliva attracts pets  and they will chew up your appliance in seconds.
  5. Do not use boiling water, the mircrowave or dishwasher on your appliance.
  6. Use your fingers to put your appliance in place. First place the appliance over your front teeth, and then use your fingers to push the appliance down gently over your molars (back teeth). When appliance is correctly inserted, it will fit all the way down on the teeth.
  7. Remove the appliance by pulling it off both sides of your back teeth simultaneously.
  8. Wear appliance right after your last meal and overnight.
  9. Drooling is normal at first until you get used to it, once asleep your drooling will calm down.
  10. Note on the notebook given every morning how many hours worn overnight. Also add any complaints, questions or issues that you would like to speak about on your next visit.
  11. If your appliance breaks or if you lose it give us a call right away.
  12. If you feel the appliance touching the roof of your mouth give us a call right away.